School Selection & Placement

As an Educational Consultancy, we offer international families professional placement services to British boarding schools. We established excellent working relations with many boarding schools and specialised in placing students in schools in the South East and South West of England.  We help parents to choose the best possible school for their children. 
British schools offer an education which is highly valued worldwide. Though there is an excellent range of private boarding schools, a child must attend a suitable school for their abilities, character, interests and background. 

What do we do as Educational Consultants?

As educational Consultants, we do everything possible to ensure that international students gain the best results from British education.

  • We advise on the best boarding school.
  • We arrange boarding school entry preparation.​
  • We advise on future university choices.

Why choose My Guardians for school placement?

  • We help international parents choose suitable boarding schools for their children and have successfully done so for the past 27 years.
  • We partnered with many British boarding schools.
  • We have many success stories in selecting schools for our students: Sevenoaks, Stowe, Brighton, Lancing, St Clare's and many others.  

How do we help parents select a British boarding school for their child?

  • To advise on the most suitable school, we ask parents to provide some information about their child's studies, such as their level of English, academic abilities, interests and hobbies, latest school report and character references.
  • Based on reports from the child's school and information received from parents, we will recommend several boarding schools for parents to make a final choice. We can arrange additional tests if needed.
  • We will then help parents select the most appropriate school and handle all registration documents on their behalf. 
  • We can arrange interviews and exams at the selected schools and accompany parents and children to these schools.

We can also arrange:

  • Boarding schools preparation programmes for selective schools.
  • Tuition and revision during studying at a British school.
  • Academic summer programmes for ages 7-17.


'We have received several students from My Guardians in the past year, and these have been very successful enrolments': Admissions Registrar.
'Thank you for all the prompt, detailed and accurate information you have given me when Daniil has been staying with us at Beresford': Houseparent.

​To apply for a boarding school with our professional help, please contact us at or complete our enquiry form.


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