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My Guardians is a well-established Educational Consultancy and Educational Guardianship Company.  We place international students in British boarding schools and advise their parents on all aspects of UK private education.  We provide high-quality professional Guardianship services for students whose parents live abroad. Our guardianship team established strong working relationships with parents abroad, UK boarding schools around us and local host families.
We offer excellent guardianship support for all international students under our care and aim to work with schools within a one-hour drive from our location. We are based half an hour by train from London, near Kentish town of Sevenoaks in the South East of England. We welcome students from all over the world.

‘My Guardians is a personal and professional organisation where we know all our students well and take a real interest in their welfare and education during their study in the UK’.  Irina Bowman, Managing Director, My Guardians.

My Guardians is accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students. 

We are an AEGIS Gold Standard Accredited member who has undergone a rigorous inspection process and shown that we meet high requirements for safeguarding and the wellbeing of the students under our care. Gold Standard Accreditation is the most prestigious accolade that a guardianship organisation can hold.

Comments from Lead Inspector:
‘My Guardians successfully meets its’ aims to set high standards of care and aspiration, with safeguarding and communication to all, a key part’. ‘This is a small agency that caters for a small number of students, offering a highly personalised service. It is very highly rated by the students, families and schools it operates with, who are all extremely happy and highly positive about the services received. Strong and regular communication is at the heart of all that it does’. Vivien Sergeant, Lead Inspector, AEGIS (June 2021).
Comments from Head of Inspections: 
‘My Guardians works closely with parents, schools and host families, and takes the time to get to know their students individually. This helps the guardianship organisation to tailor their support according to their needs’. ‘The guardianship organisation works with schools close to their base to ensure that they are able to fully cater for the needs of the students. Care is taken to recruit homestays who are suitably experienced’.  Jacqueline Scotney, Head of Inspections, AEGIS (July 2020).
Comments from one of our student's parents: 
‘Thank you for the marvellous and professional support. Truly, best in class! Our son has been thrilled to stay with Lee and her son as a host family. We would stay in touch and let you know how things are progressing with him. I will gladly recommend people to you for guardianship and help as I come across such folks.  Otonye Daka, father of our student at Sutton Valence School in Kent.

Why your child needs an Educational Guardian?

All parents based abroad need a UK Educational Guardian for their child. The guardian acts "in loco parentis" in emergencies and will be responsible for care and accommodation during the holidays and exeat weekends whilst your child is in the UK. This is a standard requirement in most UK independent schools. 
Read more about Guardianship and our Guardianship Services. 


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