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UK Boarding Schools and Colleges insist that all international boarders whose parents live abroad have an Educational Guardian resident in Britain. Appointed by the parents, this is a responsible adult with whom the school can contact routinely, who is encouraged to take an active interest in the pupil's education and who can act "in loco parentis" in emergencies. The appointment and support of Educational Guardian are important to all international boarding students. For many students from abroad, their guardians are their parent’s representatives in this country, essential in times of emergencies or need for support and advice. 
As Educational Guardians we will represent the parents' interests, safeguard the students' rights and welfare and act "in loco parentis" should the need arise. We will also represent parents at parents-teachers meetings when student's progress is discussed.  We will arrange host family stay during school holidays if our guardianship student is not returning home.
As Educational Guardians we will represent student’s welfare and act as a link between parents, students and schools. More information about various packages of guardianship we offer can be found on our Guardianship Packages page.

Where we can offer you guardianship?

Majority of UK Boarding Schools where we can offer you our Guardianship Services are located in Kent, East & West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London.

What do we do as Educational Guardians?

  • We provide Educational Guardian for communication with school, parents & student
  • We will be 24/7 contact for emergencies
  • We will visit your child at school
  • We will attend parents’ evenings and other important events
  • We will arrange to stay with host families during exeats and half-term
  • We will do transport arrangements with carefully selected drivers
  • We will look after your child’s deposit with us and pay the host family
  • We can open a bank account
  • We also arrange and support extra tuition in other establishments
  • We research and advise on future university choices, etc
  • We can advise on the next school for your child

'Thank you for all the prompt, detailed and accurate information you have given me during the time that Daniil has been staying with us at Beresford.'  S A Rose, Housemistress Beresford House, Sutton Valence School.

Why choose My Guardians to look after your child?

  • My Guardians has been involved in UK guardianship & private education in Great Britain for many years, and we fully understand how to interpret and relay the messages between the students, private boarding schools and parents living abroad.
  • My Guardians are particularly well equipped to give advice on all aspects of the guardianship process, school placement and university entry as we have built up a wide network of invaluable contacts in the UK.
  • Once students are registered with My Guardians they will come under the immediate guardianship of Irina Bowman, who will be the main point of contact for students, their parents, schools and host families for all matters arising.

How to Apply for Guardianship?

If you would like to choose us to be your child’s educational guardians then please complete our enquiry form here.
​Once received we will send you a registration form for you to complete and a list of documents required from you.

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